Conference Energiser Ideas

These activities are delivered by our senior events team inside your hotel, and are a great way to re-energise delegates who have been sitting inside for long periods of time and also allow delegates to get to know each other better in a fun and informal setting. After these short FUN energiser sessions’ delegates feel revitalised and motivated for the next conferencing session and are thus more productive!

Key corporate messages from the conference can also be sutley woven into energiser activities to help reinforce important points from the day.

Popular Conference Energiser Ideas include:

Minutes of Mayhem

Indoor conference energiser ideas can include:

Anybody Who

Egg ‘Drop Zone’ challenge

Easyjet Paper Aeroplane Challenge


Human Photocopier

Team Ski Slalom, Laser Quest and the Flat Pack challenge.

Session duration can be tailored to suit your needs so anything from a series of standalone 10 minute FUN mini activity sessions through to 1-2 hour session can be delivered by our senior events team.

Further themes can be woven into the activities to create a powerful vehicle for communicating key corporate messages as part of the overall conference.

Conference energiser ideas.