Treasure Hunt & Spy Challenges

Treasure Hunt and Spy Challenges

Ireland’s unique culture and rich history combined with the world’s best pubs and most friendly people makes our city’s ideal locations for fun interactive treasure hunts:

  • Treasure Hunt Dublin City Centre
  • Treasure Hunt Belfast
  • Treasure Hunt Cork
  • Treasure Hunt Dublin
  • Treasure Hunt Galway

City centre treasure hunts are a great way to experience your chosen city’s most popular tourist attractions and see the secret attractions that other tourists do not know about, in a very short space of time!

Your treasure hunt is tailor-made as you can choose from a range of themes, plus popular ‘bolt on’ options such as:

  • Famous Pub Crawl trail
  • Trips on high speed power boats
  • Tasting the famous mix of Irish Whiskey, Guinness and Oysters!
  • Purchasing mystery items – the greater the imagination the greater the reward!
  • Meeting mysterious characters (actors) at designated points and at designated times on the city streets
  • Teams recording mini-clips of their team challenges along the way using digital video cameras

For details on our exclusive spy challenges with Peak Discovery DMC Ireland please click here





Treasure Hunt Dublin City Centre

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